Which Is Better To Put On Muscle, Anavar Or Turinabol?


When it comes to choosing steroids for muscle building nobody can choose straight away. Picking up the right choice between 2 strong contenders for muscle building can be a hard shopping experience for everybody who is inclined to buy either of the 2 choices. In our case these 2 contenders are turinabol and anavar. Since these 2 serve the same kind of purpose, it is very important to scale their advantages and disadvantages against each other for a correct decision making. It is the most difficult part when you’re considering the pros and cons for each of the options. For example, if we take a look at these steroids, it is never a straight call between the 2 for any neutral party to pick one, i.e., Turinabol vs Anavar

Similarities Between Turinabol And Anavar:

  • Both these drugs are anabolic androgenic steroids, simply put, AAS agents. 
  • Their working principle and administration are somewhat similar as well. 
  • Turinabol as well as anavar are excellent non-estrogenic oral compounds.
  • They both have this quality of providing bodybuilders and sports personalities leaner muscular look along with minimal amount of visceral fat. 
  • Anavar is very strong when it comes to virilization and so is turinabol, which makes both of these steroids highly desirable for the female population of the world.

To reach a conclusion it is also very important to gauge their differences as well. For that we have to look a little deeper in foundation, working and specialty of each of these 2 steroids. So let’s get going one by one.

What Is Anavar?

Anavar belongs to the categories of anabolic androgenic steroids. It is one of the few drugs which are very light and basic in their anabolic nature and doesn’t strike as very powerful from the word go or when someone starts taking the anavar products. It enjoys extreme popularity in the world of medicine and sports due to its safe reputation and working. By safe reputation it means that this steroid is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to build muscle without going into the pit of anabolic-related effects. Whether it is due to its safe reputation in treatment of patients in the hospitals and clinics or its personal use by professional athletes for performance enhancing, anavar steroid is topnotch choice for both industries, health care and sports. Let’s first look at its medical uses.

Medical Uses Of Anavar:

Sometimes it happens when a person steps into the clinic or an ER room with an existing medical condition like kidney failure, throat infection, heart, or lung disease. These patients require urgent care in order to survive these conditions and it is very important for them to retain their muscle mass. Since these medical disorders or issues can really take a toll on the muscle mass, the patient loses a significant amount of muscle mass and becomes weaker and thinner. Skin looks pale, bones become weaker and vital nutrients of the body drop to alarmingly low levels. In such cases, anavar comes as a handy solution and provides the patient a healthy and safe route to recovery. Due to its nitrogen-rich base and foundation, it acts as a strong nitrogen retention agent. Besides, it also plays a big role in elevating and fast-tracking protein synthesis in the muscles which could lead to muscular size and strength along with better bone health. That is the reason why people buy anavar in the first place.

Use Of Anavar In Sports:

Now let’s take a closer look at the uses of anavar in sports. Just like any other anabolic androgenic, anavar is the optimum choice when it comes to performance enhancing and pushing the boundaries of one’s physical fitness. Bodybuilders, weightlifters and other professional sport persons like swimmers, cyclists, boxers, runners etc. know the importance of it and buy anavar supplement or steroid. Among all these super famous sports, bodybuilding is one such sport which might not get that many eyeballs as these other sports but the use of anavar is way more than all other sports. The reason for that is anavar solely focuses on muscle building, size gaining and fat reducing at the same time. These are some of the characteristics which makes anavar the obvious choice for bodybuilders and gym goers to choose this steroid over any other steroid. Another factor which makes it a household name in the world of bodybuilding is its ability to remain under the hood when other anabolic steroids shoot their bullets of side effects.

What Is Tbol?

On the other hand, Turinabol, which also goes by the name of Tbol, is a steroid displaying synthetic anabolic properties. It acts as an artificial hormone growth which forms its reputation as a hormone growth booster just like testosterones. It is really powerful in nature and can produce some excellent results in the muscle building world. Bodybuilders buy turinabol or buy tbol to get rapid muscle size and thickness as it is famous for providing some of the giant looking physical stature for bodybuilders.

Medical Significance Of Tbol:

It came into the market in the late 1960s in Berlin, Germany. The reason for its introduction was to achieve supreme physical fitness and growth of muscles. But with the passage of time and after some biochemical changes in its structure it became a solution for leukemia and breast cancer. It can also act as pain reliever and immunosuppressant agent. That is where medical significance becomes evident. 

Uses Of Tbol In Sports:

Turinabol is one of those steroids which are very potent in their working. It is highly powerful and can produce some excellent results when it comes to gaining size and muscle in practically no time as compared to other steroids. It is not a steroid which is good for cutting down although some people also used tbol for cutting in the past. Presently, due to its adverse side effects, this substance is currently under the radar of illegal substances and hence is not accessible for open sale and purchase. 

Tbol Vs Anavar? Which One Is Better For Muscle Growth:

From our discussion of both the candidates, it is pretty evident that turinabol is the obvious choice if you’re solely looking to gain size, build muscles and achieve strength fast. But since it’s providing all these things relatively faster than anavar, it may lead to a difficult road of side effects. These side effects are where anavar wins the game otherwise for muscle growth turinabol is way ahead of anavar. 


Both, Tbol and anavar are among the top steroids which are in use in bodybuilding. Which one would you pick really depends on your personal preference? Where turinabol is optimum for rapid muscle growth accompanied with side effects, anavar is a slow result producer with no to minimum side effects. So, one should pick his or her poison carefully.

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