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What is PCT?

Post-cycle Therapy is an important part of the steroid cycle. Steroids are prescribed in cycles. This is necessary to maintain balance so that your body is not overwhelmed with the sudden flooding of synthetic hormones.

As with any medication, steroids come with some side effects. A cyclic therapy session along with post-cycle therapy ensures that your body does not suffer excessively from these side effects.

This is especially true for athletes and bodybuilders that use steroids for fitness and performance enhancement. An external surge of testosterone can throw the system off-balance; the body will be slow to recover after the steroid therapy ends. They will experience an upward swing in oestrogen levels.

Post-cycle therapy helps combat these issues. It is a targeted therapy aimed at restoring natural hormonal balance in the body as a part of anabolic harm reduction treatment.

What do PCT Drugs Help With?

The body goes through multiple issues when it is coming off steroids. You can buy PCT drugs in the UK to help with:

  1. Low libido and/or erectile dysfunction
  2. Sleep issues
  3. Loss of appetite and nausea
  4. Anxiety and depression
  5. Headaches
  6. Acne

These are issues that arise from steroid or SARM withdrawal. As your therapy cycle ends, your body begins to feel the effects of the sudden stoppage of the synthetic hormones.

Medical Dosage

You can buy PCT drugs in the UK only with the doctor’s prescription. The dosage varies according to the needs of the individual.

How to take OCT Drugs

You cannot buy PCT drugs in the UK without a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. Take them only in strict adherence to the doctor’s recommendation. You can start PCT:

  1. Immediately after the completion of the cycle of selective androgen receptor modulators.
  2. A week after the completion of your steroid cycle.

PCT drugs must be taken for four to six weeks. But the exact duration of the cycle will depend on your health and requirements.

Dietary Instructions

You do not need to follow any specific dietary rules for the duration of your post cycle therapy. For best results, follow the recommendations of your physician.

Side effects of PCT Drugs

While buying PCT drugs in the UK, it is important to keep in mind that these come with side effects:

  1. Enlarged breast tissue (in men)
  2. Nausea, vomiting, and stomach issues
  3. Headaches and dizziness
  4. Hot flashes and mood swings
  5. Pelvic pain
  6. Soreness in the breasts
  7. Vision issues

You must get in touch with your doctor in case these symptoms persist or increase in intensity.


PCT drugs for sale in the UK are only available with a valid doctor’s prescription.

Due to its propensity to be misused, you must follow the doctor’s prescribed dosage and frequency. Going overboard with PCT medications can lead to adverse effects.

You must also be very careful from where you are buying PCT in the UK. It must be a reputable source in order to avoid counterfeit medications.

Make sure your physician is aware of your present and recent medical history. Inform the doctor about any allergies and previously experienced adverse reactions from any medication.


You need to be careful of accidental or intentional overdose of PCT drugs.

If you notice a case overdosing- yours or someone else’s contact emergency services right away.

Storage and Disposal

All PCT drugs must be kept in a cool, dry space. Make sure the tablets are kept tightly sealed in the box it came in.

Children and pets must not have access to the medicine.

Minimise exposure to excess moisture and heat.

Avoid accidental ingestion by disposing of unused/expired medicines via a take-back program. Make sure these are not flushed down the toilet or the garbage disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing to forgo PCT after therapy is detrimental. During steroid therapy, the body gets used to the external pumping in of hormones. Sudden stoppage forces the body to restart its own production cycle, which takes a huge toll on the system. Post-cycle therapy helps to restore the natural balance of the body, mitigating the stress.
It is advisable that you begin your post-cycle therapy as soon as possible. Physicians recommend starting PCT after:
  • 7 days after last dosage for anabolic-androgenic steroids
  • 24 hours after final dosage for prohormones
  • One day after final dosage for SARMs
Yes, you can continue your exercise regimen while you are undergoing post-cycle therapy. In fact, it is best that you do. Steroid withdrawal will cause issues with your testosterone levels, which will lead to loss of weight and muscle. Working out in conjunction with PCT will help you retain the effects of steroid therapy.
You can of course stack supplements in order to feel the full effects of the PCT cycle. However, you must keep in mind that you must incorporate these only with the guidance of your doctor.