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What is Nandrolone:

Anabolic steroids come under many names and brands. One such strong AAS or as we androgenic anabolic steroid is Nandrolone. It is also known in the world of medicine as 19-nortestosterone. Just like other androgenic anabolics it also supplicates the medical needs of an individual in the form of esters such as nandrolone decanoate – which is mostly known as deca durabolin – another strong androgenic anabolic available in the market.

Medical Uses Of Nandrolone:

The most common medical use or purpose for which Nandrolone is prescribed is the formation of enhanced hemoglobin. However, one of the drawbacks found in prescribing nandrolone and over the course of its use is that it is deemed to be less effective in patients who are surgically induced and go through episodes of dialysis due to kidney issues.

Treatment Of Sickle Cell And Chronic Pain:

Often at times it happens that any patient who is suffering from chronic disease loses a significant amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells. So, one can see the use of nandrolone in treatment of sickle cell anemia or renal insufficiency. Nandrolone is also given to patients who are experiencing severe muscle pain as it acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent to relieve any such pain.

Use in Bodybuilding:

As indicated earlier, nandrolone UK is a strong androgenic anabolic, so it is very likely that this drug has already been very popular among professional athletes. Bodybuilders uses nandrolone to build muscles and gain a fair amount of body size. Anabolics are known to serve professional bodybuilders and gym junkies big time.

Use in other sports:

The use of nandrolone UK in sports other than bodybuilding is mostly limited to an athlete’s recovery between different laps of performances. Nandrolone steroid for sale UK is often suggested to put up a lean muscle mass without much amount of fats involved in the picture.

Dosage application of nandrolone UK:

Most steroids which are anabolic in nature are given to an individual, whether for medical well-being or personal use, through needle shots. Same is the case for nandrolone. It is mostly administered through intramuscular injections, i.e, its shots are given to people directly in various muscle groups like shoulders, tendons, things, joints etc.

Efficacy cycle:

The efficacy of its shots can be assessed from the time when nandrolone shot is first administered to about 24 to 48 hours, with more steady effects happening over the course of 4 to 5 weeks. It is very important to get these shots administered by a health care professional to avoid any fatal injury to veins or muscles.

Side Effects Of Nandrolone:

One must also look out for possible side effects after taking nandrolone shots as it can trigger some effects in the body which ranges from mild to serious. Most commonly reported side effects reported are:


Stress and anxiety

GERD or acid reflux

High blood pressure

Vomiting and nausea

Stomach pain

Menstrual abnormalities


Where to buy nandrolone UK:

Buying any anabolic steroid without a doctor prescription can be hassle in most geographies. However, in the UK one can simply go to a drug store and ask if nandrolone steroid for sale UK sign is on or not. The drug is available to be sold over the counter. Apart from that the most convenient way to buy these steroids is over the internet where you can look to buy nandrolone UK online and get the product delivered right away.