How Long Does It Take For Clomid To Increase Testosterone?


What is Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

Clomid, which is also called clomiphene citrate, is a pharma drug which is very common among female population to cure infertility issues. It is the standard medication endorsed by OB-GYNs to cure reproductive or infertility problems in the women. This drug does not belong to the class of steroids and is a nonsteroidal medicine. Clomid can also be taken by male population to cater for their fertility needs as well. It is an FDA approved drug and works by triggering the brain to secrete FSH or LH which are follicle help in stimulation of hormones. This in turn can lead to stimulating ovarian follicle growth and hence boost the undermining ovulation process in women. Clomid UK is also fit for men to use it to increase testosterone.

Medical Uses Of Clomid For Men And Women 

The primary use of Clomid is for females to kickstart their healthy ovulation process and get pregnant. This drug works by initiating the ovulation process by enabling the pituitary gland to release natural hormones. Clomid can also be used by many other women who suffer from other diseases or conditions which temporarily suspend or undermine their ovulation process. Use of this clomiphene citrate, preferably in tablet form, can also improve sperm count in males and can also be an option to cure hormone imbalance. For male population, this can be a good option to also boost your natural testosterone levels and increase testosterone. People often buy testosterone UK for this purpose, but clomiphene citrate can do the job for you as well.

Benefits Of Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) 

There are many benefits associated with the use of clomiphene citrate or clomid drug. These benefits are:

  • It is less invasive than other infertility solutions for women due to the fact that it is available in tablet form, like a 25 mg dose.
  • Clomid is relatively a cheaper solution as compared to other infertility treatments like in vitro fertilization or simply known as IVF.
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist or OB-GYNs or any other primary care physician can prescribe this tablet to women without any hesitation for treatment option.
  • There is no need to carry out different tests and scans to monitor blood levels, interval readings or ultrasound alongside the use of Clomid.
  • This medicine is very light in its nature and has very few side effects as compared to other treatment options.
  • This drug can also help to cure hypogonadism symptoms including libido issues, erectile dysfunction, or ED, decrease in muscle mass and oftentimes fatigue. 

How Long You Should Take Clomid To Increase Testosterone Levels

As is already mentioned, Clomid or clomiphene citrate is used to treat infertility concerns both in females and to some degree, in males. For males there is no specific dosing, but the standard dose at the start of the treatment is normally 25 mg or one half tablet every day. When it comes to female population, it is recommended to begin with a low dose and then increase depending upon the condition or only when there’s no response to the low dose regardless of the fact whether it is 25 mg or 50 mg. When going for starting infertility treatment or other issues in men, this drug should give you optimum results in 3 months or 90 days as it takes at least this much time for it to boost your testosterone levels and get the results. If you are taking 25 mg dose of clomiphene citrate it is always preferable to take it for a period of 5 to 7 days without any break and then discontinue it for a few days. This cycle should go on for 90 days at least to get the right results. 

Side Effects Of Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) 

There can be various side effects linked with the use of this drug, but they are generally mild in nature and subside shortly. These side effects include:

  • Dizziness.
  • Stomach bloating and irritation
  • Headache and nausea
  • Hot flushes.
  • Breast tenderness and mild pain.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Problems with urination.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Indigestion and vomiting.
  • Weight gain.

Who Should Not Take Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

Females who are already trying other treatment options for infertility should not opt for use of Clomid. Also, if you’re in doubt whether you could be pregnant then stop taking this medicine or consult your physician. This drug is not effective and could be dangerous for those females who are pregnant. Liver diseases, thyroid issues and people who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome should also avoid the use of clomid and cannot take even the milder dose. If after taking first few doses, you experience vaginal allergy, bleeding, or severe pain then you should immediately stop this medication right away. 

Where To Buy Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

People who suffer from infertility can buy clomid UK at any drug store in the country. This drug is available over the counter since it is nonsteroidal medicine. There are many steroids for sale available at pharmacies which require prescription to purchase them, but this is not the case with clomid. Online sources are also a great way to buy steroids UK and get it right at your doorstep right away. But while buying these types of medicines online one should trust only reputable medical stores operating over the web to avoid any problem with the brand. It is always advisable to buy Clomid UK online from trustable and reliable sources which offer safe and smooth delivery options along with product description.


Fertility disorders or issues are something which most people try to hide in order to avoid low self-esteem in their social circle. Clomid is one of the most secure and easy solution to gauge this problem both in males and females. Although, most females use it to regulate their ovulation process, but it is also good for testosterone growth in men, It can provide both populations with good physical health and also help them gain confidence. So, it is much more convenient to buy clomid UK rather than if you’re taking the route which lead you to buy testosterone UK.

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