Proven Winstrol Results Before and After

Overview Of Stanozolol Or Winstrol:

Winstrol is an illegal substance as it is toxic to health. This is a kind of oral medicine or steroid which can be taken easily by mouth with less harm to the liver. It was made to help overcome some medicinal issues related with breast cancer, patients suffering from trauma and also to help the patients of osteoporosis. Apart from its use in medical field, many bodybuilders and athletes buy Winstrol in UK for the purpose of increasing their muscle mass and to get more power and strength to perform better than before. There are many steroids which help to build muscle or help to lose or cut fat but Winstrol helps to do both simultaneously. It is important to remember that as this drug does not cause aromatization and even does not convert or change to estrogen, it makes Winstrol a toxic steroid for females as it can contribute to the development of masculine features in them. 

Dose of Winstrol:

It is important to take this drug in proper doses after consulting the doctor, otherwise it can be toxic to the health. The dose of Winstrol is as follows:

1.      For angioedema:

The dose of Stanozolol or Winstrol to treat angioedema is 2 mg which needs to be taken three times a day. 

2.      For bodybuilders who are newbies:

The dose of this anabolic steroid for the newbies should be low at 8 mg a day for the first three weeks which then can be increased to 10 mg a day for the next three weeks of the cycle, thereby making the total duration to six weeks. However it is best to accompany this drug with Fish oil in the amount of 4 grams per day and TUDCA in the dose strength of 500 mg to be taken every day. And such a cycle should be followed by a post cycle therapy to bring the hormones to normal levels. 

Winstrol For Females:

Not only men bodybuilders or athletes but also women fitness freaks use Winstrol for the purpose of boosting their strength and improving their performance as a whole. By taking this steroid, females can transform or change their body in a short period of time because of Winstrol’s fat cutting and muscle building properties. Not only can females cut down their stubborn fat but also at the same time can increase their muscle tone which helps them then to enhance the physique. Although it is beneficial in a lot of ways for women, yet it comes with a lot of side effects which include the following:

  1. Females can develop deep voice.
  2. Their clitoris can enlarge as well.
  3. Excessive or unwanted growth of hairs on different parts of the body.
  4. They may also suffer from hair loss.
  5. There is a risk of breast shrinkage.

Winstrol can lead to virilization in females due to the reason that this steroid does not convert into estrogen and also that is has a low binding affinity with sex hormone binding globulin. Therefore, it is best that females take this steroid in low dose as not only will the low dose give required results but will also lead to less side effects. The best dose of Winstrol for women is 5 mg a day.  

Winstrol For Males:

Those men who are bodybuilders can use Winstrol or Winny to improve their endurance. By taking this anabolic steroid, men bodybuilders and anyone who uses it can observe increase in the red blood cell production which gives rise to more production of oxygen which is effective for building muscles. Moreover, men can get a lean physique with no fluid retention and also helps to grow the muscles. Although it offers a lot of benefits to men yet there is a risk of developing side effects as well which can be the following:

  1. Joints which turn to be achy.
  2. Developing acne.
  3. Decline or reduction in the natural production of testosterone.
  4. In some cases, this anabolic steroid can be toxic to the liver as well.

Results By Using Winstrol:

The before and after results of Winstrol are reflect a change in appearance or physique which is clear. The body can transform clearly after taking this anabolic steroid. As it is a powerful steroid, when cycled properly it will give a lot of benefits to its users. Some common changes which everyone will experience after using this steroid include the ripped appearance and shredded look. Such a type of appearance is due to the fact that this drug does not convert into estrogen and also because it does not cause water to retain in the body. The muscles of those who use Stanozolol in a cycle are going to be more defined as compared to being pumped. As a result of this, Winny is not suitable for use in bulking cycles. Apart from physique transformation, a person that uses this drug can also undergo psychological boosts. It aids in increasing the stamina and also helps to increase the focus and motivation of its user as well. 

Buying Winstrol:

People always try to look for ways of where to buy Winstrol. Especially in the United States, this anabolic steroid is not available easily which makes it difficult for the people to purchase this product. However, there are a number of online sellers who sell Winstrol or stanozolol and deliver the product as fast as they can with easy payment options. 

What People Say About Winstrol?

Winstrol reviews given by many people are amazing. There are a number of people who give a four plus or five start rating to this drug. Many people say that by using this steroid they were able to keep their medical condition of hereditary angioedema under control and had to face fewer side effects. The only problem which they had to face was related to the accessibility of this product as it was not offered by many pharmacies so they had to turn to other means of purchasing the drug. 

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