This article emphasis on the need to know whether the steroids for sale are real or fake as they are used for selective purposes and fake steroids can have devastating effects on health. It is important to know your drug, its constituents and the manufacturers to fully ensure that a safe substance is being used. 


Steroids are hormone like chemicals used primarily for two reasons, one to reduce the inflammatory response of the body and the others are the androgenic anabolic steroids used to gain muscle mass alongside fat dissolution.


Anabolic steroids UK are synthetic derivative of hormone testosterone, which is a male sex hormone. They are used primarily to increase muscle mass, resistance and strength of the body. Used for enhancing their performance by athletes and body builders. 


Most common forms of UK steroids are:

  • Pills and tablets
  • Injections
  • syrups


Different purchase options are there to buy steroids UK. Different channels are as follows:

  1. Drug stores, steroids which are legalized by the food and drug associations are available in the drug stores and are available on providing the prescription authorized by an expert.
  2. Online websites are there which deal with the steroids and they offer door step delivery, they have both the legalized and the banned one but one should be careful not to fall for fake or bogus drugs.
  3. Black market, totally banned or illegal drugs are sold there but one should be responsible enough not to buy such items as they have serious health risks.


Multiple brands are in the market available in the stores and online but one should be wise enough to identify the real and the fake ones, because the fake ones are having very much negative impact on the health, and are also useless, below are some points that can help in identifying between real or fake. Mostly it looks like the real one. The name rings a bell. The use the logo of a well-known pharmaceutical company with slight variation that is difficult to recognize. In reality, these packages are manufactured by criminal organizations that want to make a profit at the expense of the patients’ health. The efficacy and quality of these supposed medicines is not guaranteed for example Bodybuilders use testosterone as a performance booster to accelerate muscle growth and to boost their performance, as such drugs are illegal and banned so they buy from dubious channels. Medicines that are available from illegal pharmacies or in the underground sources are neither verified nor licensed. A renowned pharmaceutical company Bayer has observed that not only fake versions of their products are being sold, but increasingly, “bogus” medicines are being offered that have never been manufactured by the company. Taking testosterone without any proper consultation can lead to serious adverse effects. These range from cardiovascular disease to liver cirrhosis.

How To Avoid Counterfeit Drugs?

Counterfeit drugs are those which are intentionally made to deceive the user about the origin efficacy or authenticity of the drug so if you are not familiar with a medicine, be very vigilant while purchasing. Ensure that the drug is actually manufactured by the company named on the label. A quick search on can provide a first hint on whether to trust the medicine or not. Ask the manufacturer helpline desk whether they manufacture such medication or not. If anyone, whether online or in person, recommend certain medicines, or offer to sell these to you, with some very un-real explanation be very careful as buying such illegal or banned medications on your own could make you liable to penalty and heavy fines, and taking such drugs could potentially cause serious health issues.

How To Point Out Fake Medications?

  1. Authentic medicines go through strict control processes. Before they are approved, manufacturers must prove the product’s efficacy through several studies. Fake companies do not adhere to the standard operating procedure of any drug making. The following points can give a hint regarding fake products: Exceptionally Low prices: Fake brands do not undergo development or tests lasting several years. Fake companies sell their products for prices that seem too good to be true, and usually focus on this aspect in their advertisements to catch client’s attention.
  2. Fake logos: Be-ware if the logo is in a distorted form or with unusual color patterns. Compare the labels with the authentic logo that you know.
  3. Familiar product names: Some thugs invent names for their products that closely resemble the products you know and trust. By entering these names in a search tab, you can quickly do the authenticity check.
  4. Claim that it has zero side effects: it is the biggest fraud as natural ingredients can also cause side effects. If a manufacturer claims that their product is completely safe and potent, it is probably a “bogus” call.
  5. Any platform offering medication without asking for prescription is un-authentic, refrain from such offers.
  6. medications without the full packaging or missing patient guidelines are also fraud. Illegal online pharmacies often sell counterfeited drugs with packaging that is quite same as the original. These packages resemble the original product very closely, but do have some flaws such as spelling mistakes.
  7. When purchasing medication abroad, go to the pharmacy rather than other sources. 
  8. While traveling take along your medicines in the form of a travel kit to avoid any purchases as it is hard to do authenticity check in a foreign land.
  9. If any suspicious medication falls in your hands, consult your physician or pharmacist, or contact the original product’s maker. If the packaging seems different or the drug is having a different effect than usual that indicates a fake drug.


Different steroids for sale UK are there in the market and used for various reasons but it is very important to use the authentic product as it can only promise a fruitful result and minimal complications, so it is very important to have a proper consultation and treatment plan with a consultant to avoid any bogus and fraud medicines, as they can have very damaging effects on the health.

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