What Steroids Do Female Bodybuilders Use?


Bodybuilding has always been an incredible sport to be a part of. Regardless of the advent of how bodybuilding came into being and generated a massive audience for itself, it is something which connects with everyone at a very basic level and that is human health. There was a time when only fictional characters were considered as tough, macho and superhuman types. With the passage of time these characters became so huge that people tried to embody them. If you open any comic and read about any such fictional superhero or superheroine for that matter, they are always depicted as someone who is in sublime physical shape and beauty and can never go wrong when it comes to fixing things up with sheer strength and power. The influence of such characters inspired the real-life art of carving one’s body and turn it into a perfect and attractive feature. That’s how the sports of bodybuilding and muscle toning became a thing. There was a time when it started as a gender-specific sport, i-e., it was only meant to be taken up by guys. Young male population first led the foundation of looking more muscular than ever and started to enter the doors of gyms or any other outdoor rough and tough, hard labor arena. As the world of bodybuilding expanded and pushed boundaries and became more mainstream, we saw more and more buffed guys around. And with the sports becoming more popular among masses, people started taking bodybuilding as their profession. Hence, we have the first era of the sport called bodybuilding.

How Bodybuilding Became Gender-Neutral:

As it was evident in the world of bodybuilding, it kind of started as a sport for male young population, but with the passage of time and the rising popularity of the fitness icons, it soon became a popular sport among the female population. And we saw female bodybuilders gracing the cover of fitness magazines. Then came the various bodybuilding events which further established it as a red-hot sport. Athletes both male and female started participating in these events and won huge prize money along with fame and sponsorships in the health and fitness industry. Various titles were introduced and awarded to these athletes for taking up this sport and get themselves a huge fan base across the globe. Female bodybuilders were as popular and trendy as male bodybuilders. The image of a woman having a muscular outlook was not something which the world was thinking but against all odds young girls started working on their physiques and broke the stereotypical glass ceiling. Female bodybuilders not just broke that stereotyped image but also portrayed women as strong, independent and at par with men.

The Use Of Anabolic Steroids By Female Bodybuilders:

Anabolic steroids are something which is quite popular in the sports of bodybuilding. With professional bodybuilders trying their best to look as huge and muscular as possible, female bodybuilders also broke the shackles and went the extra mile in order to look more muscular and bigger than their contemporaries. Now the use of UK steroids is not just limited to the male bodybuilders, but the female athletes are also laying their hands on these products. Steroids for bodybuilding is as popular in professional female bodybuilders as it is in male bodybuilders. We see more buffed up women athletes appearing in popular bodybuilding events in huge numbers and competing against each other. Irrespective of the fact that a woman’s genetics is different than man when it comes to gaining muscle size and growth, female bodybuilders go for the use of UK steroids to look different than a normal looking young lady and put on that muscle mass just like male bodybuilders. Now when it comes to the classification of UK steroids for male and female athletes, there’s not much difference because anabolic steroids mostly work through the same principle. But there are some specific steroids for bodybuilding which female athletes use.

What Anabolic Steroids Do Female Bodybuilders Take:

Among the use of UK steroids in female bodybuilders, most professional female athletes opt for anavar, dianabol and testosterones. These steroids are as popular in professional female bodybuilders as they are in male bodybuilders. The primary reason being is they can provide considerable muscle size in relatively less time and can give you that perfect V-taper shape. But their degree of use in female bodybuilders is not the same as it is in male bodybuilders. Most professional female athletes use these UK steroids when there’s a competition coming up and they want to look as muscular as they can without losing a slick body proportion. These ladies put themselves on these anabolic cycles usually 12 weeks before a title event and don’t usually go year around with their use. But when it comes to a guy who has taken up bodybuilding as a profession or otherwise, it is not the case. He can be on these UK steroids cycle much longer and regardless of any bodybuilding or title event. Another big difference between most female bodybuilders and the male bodybuilders when it comes to using steroids is that female bodybuilders only take steroids for bodybuilding as it helps them in their professional bodybuilding careers like featuring on a fitness magazine. While a male bodybuilder can take bodybuilding as a hobby and still be using UK steroids if he is working a regular 9 to 5 corporate job. So, the motive and degree of use can be a distinguishing factor when it comes to using steroids for bodybuilding.

Side Effects Of Anabolic Steroids On Female Athletes:

As we all must be aware by now that any form of steroids does come with some side effects, however, the impact of these products on the female population can be different than the male population. Most female bodybuilders who use UK steroids can have these side effects impacting their overall health

  • Skin acne
  • Having a deeper and grave voice
  • Facial hair growth
  • Irregular periods
  • Damaged breast tissues
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea and vomiting

These side effects are the most common which female athletes complain about when they’re on steroids.

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