What Are Some Alternatives To Clomid For Men?


Review of Clomid:

People suffering from reduced levels of testosterone or medical conditions like hypogonadism and infertility use different types of medicines or steroids to bring testosterone at normalized levels. For this purpose they tend to buy Clomid apart from other medications as well. This is a type of drug which is not only used by males as well as apart from females to deal with their infertility issues. Primarily, it is a drug made or designed solely for use by females who use it to conceive. But men also use this medicine as an off label drug for different reasons. By taking this medicine, the levels of hormones in a female change which then leads to ovulation and ultimately leads to pregnancy. Clomid belongs to a group of medicines known as ovulatory stimulants and is sold as Serophene as well. 

What Are Uses Of Clomid?

Both females and males use Clomid UK as it results in a number of benefits which are as follows. 

  1. It’s main use and benefit is to deal with the infertility issues of men and women.
  2. Females use this drug to conceive who are unable to do so naturally.
  3. Many females use this medicine to deal with their PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  4. Other types of ovulatory dysfunction can also be treated with the help of Clomid. 
  5. Men can also use Clomid to increase testosterone levels and overcome infertility.
  6. This medicine is an effective way of increasing the sperm count in men.

Dangers Of Using Clomid:

There are a number of dangers and risks that can result by consuming Clomid UK. Some of its common risks are as follows:

  1. Females who use Clomid report an enlargement of their ovaries.
  2. There is a high probability of multiple births on Clomid.
  3. Clomid in females may also lead to swollen ovaries.
  4. Pain in the ovaries is another risk or side effect of using Clomid.
  5. Abdomen may also swell by using this medicine.
  6. Some people also report the issue of shortness of breath by taking Clomid or clomiphene.
  7. Decreased urination is another side effect reported by the users of this medicine.
  8. Flushing and blurred vision.
  9. Women may also observe breast tenderness by using Clomid.
  10. Breast discomfort is also reported by the female users.

Who Cannot Use Clomid?

There are certain conditions in which it is not advised to buy Clomid UK which are as follows:

  1. Clomid cannot be used by those women who have already conceived.
  2. Breastfeeding women are advised to take this medicine with caution and consult their doctor before using this medicine.
  3. People who are hypersensitive to Clomid or clomiphene should not use it. 
  4. Women suffering from ovarian cysts can develop side effects by using Clomid.
  5. Liver diseases can aggravate by taking this medicine. Also, if someone has a past medical history of any liver illness, he or she is advised to avoid taking Clomid.
  6. Clomid being a hormonal therapy can worsen different cancer types due to which it is recommended to avoid using this drug if you are suffering from cancer.
  7. In case of any unusual menstrual bleeding, one should not use Clomid at all.

Is Clomid Suitable For Men:

Clomid or clomiphene is a type of ovulatory stimulant which is not approved by Food and Drug authority to be used in men. However, many male bodybuilders and generally men use this medicine as on off-label drug to treat medical conditions like hypogonadism. Many of the infertility issues in men can be treated with the help of this medicine. It is effective to treat puberty in boys which is slowly progressing otherwise. 

Mechanism Of Action Of Clomid In Men:

In males Clomid intake blocks the estrogen to connect with a gland known as pituitary gland. This then leads to an increased follicle stimulating hormone or FSH level along with luteinizing hormone or LH. All this in turn leads to increased levels of testosterone in men. 

Alternatives To Clomid:

People prefer to use or buy other ovulatory stimulants or infertility medicines over Clomid because of this drug being not an FDA approved one. Another reason people prefer other medicines over Clomid is the fact that it causes a number of side effects in those who use it regularly or for an extended period of time. Therefore, people opt for other steroids which can be used instead of Clomid to normalize their testosterone levels and cure their infertility. Apart from using drugs or steroids, there are a number of ways by which the levels of testosterone can be normalized or increased naturally.  Following are some alternatives to Clomid through which the production of sperm and testosterone levels can be increased.

1. Femara

By using low doses of Femara which is also known as letrozole, the levels of testosterone can be normalized in males.

2. Arimidex

Another medicine which is similar to Clomid is Arimidex. Arimidex is a type of anti-estrogen which is used by men as an off-label medicine to cure infertility. 

3. HCG

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a type of hormone which can be used as a successful treatment to increase the production of testosterone and trigger the production of sperm in men.

4. Vitamin D

Another common and safe way of normalizing the testosterone levels is by using Vitamin D supplements which are not only cost effective but also are free of side effects and can be consumed easily without harming the liver.

5. Human Menopausal Gonadotropin

If HCG hormone does not increase the sperm count in men, doctors then advise advised which are human menopausal gonadotropin to be used with HCG to see improvement overall. Such injections should be used for 12 months at least.

6. Zinc

Zinc supplements also play an important role in sperm motility and overall increase the fertility in men. Such supplements also tend to raise the levels of free testosterone in men. 

7. Coq10

CoQ10 otherwise known as coenzyme Q10 is another effective way of improving the sperm motility in those men who are infertile. It is suggested to use this enzyme for at least three months to get effective results. 

8. Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination is yet another approach to deal with infertility in men which helps to improve the quality of sperms in those who are infertile.

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