Things You Should Know About Anavar Steroids

Working of Anavar:

Anavar is a very popular as well as liked by many bodybuilders due to its rapid function and is available in the market under the name Oxandrolone. It is anabolic in its nature and was created in 1962 to give muscle mass but lean look to those who are suffering from any weight loss disease. The main purpose to create this medicine was that it should be effective for both the gender and is mild also.    

Anavar is liked and used by many bodybuilders and athletes and is used during the cutting cycle period. As the use of this medicine increases the strength and ability to work more, so its user feels a different type of strength and power in the body because this steroid gives muscle tissue thickness.

Many doctors recommend its use to treat many problems like increased bone intensity, burns, infections, and increases the recovery process of the user during training. This medicine is effective for both the Anavar cycle for women as well as Anavar cycle for male and is commonly known as women’s steroid.         

It is also a very effective steroid which is used to treat many physical problems like osteoporosis by increasing the bone density, recovery process and gives a lean body mass. This medicine is safe for both the genders because of its safe component. And it increases the ability to work more. It is also considered as the safest medicine due to which many buyers accept it because of its approval by FDA.

Effect Of Anavar On The Body:

Physical Strength And Power:

Anavar affects the body very differently as it gives muscle strength and enhances the process of protein synthesis, improves muscle thickness, and gives them power to work more. It also improves the recovery process after any burn or injury.

Fat Burning Process And Lean Muscle Mass:

Anavar reduces fat but you cannot say that it is a fat burner because it sheds extra weight if you are using it with a complete diet plan. So this medicine is very effective during the process of cutting cycle as it gives lean muscle mass to its user.


Before starting any medicine a question arises in the mind of the user that when to take Anavar? It is very simple that your doctor will guide you when to start it and it is mostly used by females, males and beginners for the cutting process.

Dose of Anavar is not the same for every use as it differs between beginners and professionals, male and female it also differs due to age and weight. Most of the doctors start giving the steroid with less dose to check the body’s acceptance power and increases very slowly. Normally 2.5mg is given and increases up to 20mg.

Dose for males: 20 to 50mg per day.

Dose for females: 5 to 15mg per day.

You can get the required result from the mild dose or from an extreme or high dose which depends on your body adsorption strength. 

Instructions To Use Steroid:

Your doctor can best describe to you how to use the medicine and if you forget anything or face any confusion you can read the leaflet or instructions given on the steroid pack. It is an oral steroid which is taken after the meal with the water or milk and to get better results you should use it on a daily basis. 


If you suddenly stop using this steroid you can face physical as well as mental issues like headache, vomiting, depression, acne and anxiety.

 Side Effects:

  • Depression 
  • Stroke
  • Acne
  • Mood disorder 
  • Heart disease (overdose can lead to heart problems or failure)
  • Liver problems (misuse of this steroid can cause liver diseases and
  • Liver cysts)

Why Is Anavar A Popular Steroid Among Mens And Womens?

It is usually used as anabolic compound in therapeutic treatment which improves muscle development and tissues. Due to its less side effects and more advantages and positive success rate it is liked by many athletes and bodybuilders and thus make it a popular steroid in the market. It is also famous as it does not cause virilization in the user which is the very common side effect of steroids.

Advantages of Anavar:

  • It stops frailty. 
  • Treats AIDS associated muscle wasting 
  • Quick recovery after severe burn or injury
  • Heal after trauma or accident. 

Where To Buy Anavar Steroids In The UK? 

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