How to Choose the Right Steroid for Your Bodybuilding Goals

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Are you someone looking to build your body using steroids? Then this article is customized specifically for beginners like you. We will guide you in choosing the right steroid to help you build muscles quickly, just like other bodybuilders.

Let’s clear up this misconception about steroids. Anabolic Steroids do not deteriorate your physical or mental health. The catch is to take them in an adequate amount. These synthetic substances help your body gain muscles by increasing body mass in the easiest way possible. A bulk of legal steroids are available on the Internet.

Read on to know all about the legal steroids for bodybuilding.

What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic Steroids are synthetic substances that are chemically altered. A male hormone named testosterone is accountable for the growth of male genitals, deeper voice, and fertility is present in steroids. In comparison with females, testosterone is present in lesser quantities.

These steroids will help you in bodybuilding by promoting muscle growth with increased protein synthesis. Both males and females can use steroids. Legal steroids for bodybuilding will be effective in building your body and increasing your strength and performance.

Common Steroids vs Anabolic Steroids

Always remember that normal steroids are very different from anabolic steroids. Normal steroids are used for treating various diseases like asthma, allergies, stomach infections, etc.

They have anti-inflammatory power to reduce infection and swelling. Whereas anabolic steroids are used to gain muscles and can be used in treating diseases.


Risk Factors Using Steroids

There are many risk factors involved in using steroids in males and females. Males can face problems like suppression of natural hormone production, infertility, and enlargement of the breast. In females, effects like deepened voice, loss of breasts, increased hair follicles, and changes in the menstrual cycle could be seen.

However, the risk factors arise from excessive amounts of steroids for a long time.

The prolonged intake of legal steroids for bodybuilding can also cause severe incurable effects on your health. Therefore, taking steroids in the right amount, as suggested by your trainer or prescribed in the packet, is crucial. It will not only help you build your body effectively but will also eliminate the risk factors involved with steroids. So, set the limit accordingly and do not fall prey to addiction.


Forms of Steroids

The legal steroids for bodybuilding are chemically altered steroids that come in various forms and are easily available in the market. You can use these safe steroids. It comes in the following forms:

  1. Powder form: The steroids in powder form are easily digestible.
  2. Injection form: Injectable steroids are also available in injection. Taking steroids via injection is the fastest way of building the body as it quickly acts while circulating in the blood.
  3. Tablets form: Various tablets and capsules that fall under oral steroids are available on the market.
  4. Creams and lotion: Some steroids come in creams and lotion, which can be directly applied to the skin.

Top 4 Legal Steroids for Bodybuilding in the UK

Let’s explore the most popular and widely utilized steroids available in the market, which are both affordable and legally sanctioned for bodybuilding purposes:

1.   Anavar (Drug- Oxandrolone)

Anavar is an oral steroid in the form of tablets. These tablets boost the androgen receptor, ultimately elevating the body’s testosterone levels. The boosting of androgen receptors helps in gaining weight by building muscles. It can also help you recover from bone pain due to osteoporosis.

You can take these tablets orally, usually 2 to 4 times daily or as your physician directs. The daily dosage for adults is 2.5 mg to 20 mg, given in 2 to 4 divided doses.

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2.   Dianabol (Drug- Methandrostenolone)

Dianabol is a steroid that comes in tablet form. These medicines are used to enhance body shape by building up strong muscles. The build-up of strong muscles boosts the body in the best possible way.

The packet contains 100 tablets per 10 mg each. These Dianabol tablets are very powerful in comparison with other steroid tablets. Intake of Dianabol tablets can increase your stamina, and the dosing cycle consists of 4-8 weeks for best results.

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3.   Testosterone-E 300 (Drug- Testosterone Ethanate)

Testosterone-E 300 is an injectable steroid. It is for intramuscular use and is not prescribed to inject in veins. This steroid injection is used to increase the testosterone level.

It will help enhance the features of your body and stamina. You can effectively build your body’s muscles using this intramuscular steroid. However, it is advised to take such injections after consulting with a doctor. 

Doctors will direct you to the correct dose of this injection. The dosage level highly depends on your age, current and previous medical conditions, and the ability of your body to consume it.

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4.   Nandrolone-D 300 (Nandrolone Decanoate)

Nandrolone-D 300 is also a type of injection steroid. This steroid is for intramuscular use only. Injecting this steroid into veins is not at all suitable. Nandrolone acts on the body by elevating the muscles and bones.

With the use of this intramuscular injection, you can shape your body. It also helps to heighten your upper abs and lower abs. This steroid is not suitable for pregnant women.

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Steroids are safe to consume for bodybuilding; you, too, can build your body using legal steroids for bodybuilding. It can elevate your muscles and strength. You just need to follow the precautions to avoid and eliminate the risk factors of using steroids.


  1. What steroids are best for beginners?

Dianabol is a tablet-form steroid that is best for beginners. It is taken orally and works on gaining muscles rapidly. It is advised to consult a doctor before taking steroids.

  • What to look for when buying steroids?

If you want to buy steroids, make sure you buy them from legal steroid stores only. There is no guarantee for products if you buy steroids from unauthorized stores. Legal stores are safe for making online payments.

  • Are steroids bad for you?

Anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding are safe to use. However, they can have a long-lasting effect on the consumer’s excessive intake of these steroids. They can face liver damage, heart attack, kidney issues, etc, using these steroids for a prolonged time.

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